55 Plus Florida Manufactured Homes and Communities

55 Plus Florida Manufactured Homes and Communities is the voice of the manufactured home industry in Florida. We provide a complete information resource on manufactured homes, modular homes, manufactured home communities and parks, manufactured home dealerships, and retirement planning in Florida.

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How Manufactured Homes Are Built
The Advantage

The Engineering Advantage

1. Wall Studs: Exterior wall studs are 16" on center of either 2" x 6" or 2" x 4" utilizing high grade lumber.* 2. Roof Trusses: Double roof trusses--three feet from each roof end. Upgrades in both wood size and quality or by using larger truss connector plates and more web members.* 3. Floor Joists: Sturdy 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" floor joists are crafted into every home for additional load requirements. 4. Wall Sheathing: Structural wall sheathing is 3/8-inch thick rated "sheathing" or equivalent, increasing both strength and acoustical properties.* 5. Window Headers: Headers above windows and passage doors insure solid construction, as does this double header. 6. Multiple Headers: Headers above windows and passage doors insure solid construction, as does this double header. 7. Sliding Door Headers: Headers above sliding glass doors add to the structural strength of your home, as does this multiple header and stud treatment. 8. Roof Sheathing: Fastened every 4 or 6 inches on center, depending on where it is located on the roof. 9. Shingle Underlayment: Lap joints and the entire perimeter of the roof are cemented. 10. Fiberglass Shingles: Three-tab fiberglass roof shingles are used for longer-lasting beauty.* 11. Attic Insulation: Batt or blown insulation throughout the entire attic makes cooling and heating less expensive. 12. Wall Insulation: Keeps fuel bills low with money-saving wall insulation on every side. 13. Column Uplift Straps: The center of the home has been strengthened 50%-100% against uplift forces by adding more piers and anchoring devices. 14. Lag Bolts for Strength: Flooring to frame strength is secured with more lag bolts, and the number of anchor straps have been significantly increased. *These specifications illustrate various ways some manufacturers meet the new requirements.